You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat

I’ve spent this year making art that focuses on my relationship with the media I consume, and one of the forms of media I spend the most time consuming is music. I’ve grown up surrounded by music; there is music playing in our house constantly. My brothers and I are always sharing new music with each other and we all have our own favorite genres, artists, and tastes. Because I spend so much time curating the music I listen to and music is such a huge part of my life, I wanted to make a piece exploring the affect that music has on me. 

The goal of this piece was to ultimately depict the way that the music I listen to often directly correlates to my mood. Music can both inform and enhance my emotions. It can make me extremely happy or extremely sad, and I chose to show that through a crying face. To tie this piece back to my focus of consuming media, I took the common phrase of “you are what you eat” literally by making the crying portrait appear to be eating a pair of headphones as if it was a plate of pasta. It is a bizarre piece and concept, but I like that it portrays the necessity of music in my life through fun colors and shapes. I consume music just as regularly as I eat food, and music nourishes my life in it’s own way too, so I had a lot of fun combining those things in this piece.

by Ellie Brown

You are What you Eat

You are What you Eat

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