Isle Royale Predator and Prey Relationships

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My AP Biology Thoughts  

Unit 8 Ecology 

EPISODE TITLE: The Isle of Wolves

Welcome to My AP Biology Thoughts podcast, our names are Olivia, Anushka, Mea, and Hana and we are your hosts for the Unit 8 Ecology-the Isle Royale Study podcast. Today we will be discussing the Isle Royale Study and how it relates to the AP Biology Curriculum. 

Segment 1: Overview of the Isle Royale Study

  • Camping —> DOCTAH guise —-> isle royale —-> us listening to him talk 🙂

Segment 2: Evidence that supports the Isle Royale Study

  • Winter controls the ticks (kills them all if cold temperature) 
  • Provide ex of trophic cascading 
  • Predator prey talk abt it
  • Human interaction/interference (trails, being on/off) 
  • Coloring of the wolves 
  • Talk abt winter study (break island into quadrants and take populations #’s) 

Segment 3: Connection to the Course

  • Predator-prey relationship:  
  • Trophic structure: a flow of energy between organisms in an ecosystem 
  • Energy flow 
  • Parasitic 
  • Importance of genetic diversity

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In episode 128, we will be discussing the Isle Royale Study and how it relates to the AP Biology Curriculum.

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