Welcome to Chemistry Connections

Chemistry Connections Episode 0

Chemistry Connections

Episode #0  

Welcome to Chemistry Connections, my name is Nick Johnson and I am your host for episode 0 called Welcome to Chemistry Connections. Today I’ll be talking about Chemistry Connections, where it came from, and what listeners can expect.  

Segment 1: Introduction to the history of Chemistry Connections

I teach AP chemistry at hvchs and this podcast is part of a class project that I’ve been doing for a long time.

Each episode is completely student researched, recorded, and edited.

This podcast is all about highlighting the chemistry that can be used to explain and understand our lives, the universe and almost everything.  

Literally pick a topic and I can guarantee there is some chemistry at work there 

Traditionally has been a research paper, but now updating to accommodate changing world and hvspn.com

Segment 2: The Chemistry Behind “Chemistry Connections

Some possible topics you’ll hear about include the chemistry behind art, history, food, products, business, biology, and physics, etc.

Segment 3: Personal Connections

This is what attracted me to teaching chemistry and it’s how I like to end my ap chemistry course. 

Thank you for listening to this episode of Chemistry Connections. For more student-ran podcasts and digital content, make sure that you visit www.hvspn.com



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Warm Nights by @LakeyInspired 

In this trailer, I'll be introducing the Chemistry Connections - a student-ran podcast about the chemistry behind life, the universe, and everything!

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