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Show Name: Fictional Feels

Episode 3: Depression

Tweet to be shared on the network’s twitter handle: Go check out Fictional Feel’s third episode where we get into my favorite show to watch when I’m depressed, Mushishi. 

You are listening to Fictional Feels the podcast with your host Tatianna.

Segment 1: Spoiler and Trigger Warnings

-Trigger warnings for depression and anxiety. 

-Spoiler warnings for Mushishi.

Segment 2:  Mushishi as a Whole

-Mushishi has a ton of really cool visuals and concepts.

-The show has that old feeling to it because it came out a while ago, but is still somewhat popular today. 

-Majority of Mushishi’s episodes appear to be happy and lighthearted, but if you really look at it a lot of things are really sad. 

Segment 3:  The Feels

  • I like watching it when I’m upset because it makes me feel calmer and content. It doesn’t make my feelings go away but it lets me sit with them while being distracted.
  • I’m a sucker for sad shows and I like the way this one presents itself. 
  • I think what influences our favorite shows, anime in particular, is the point in our lives when we first saw them.
  • When we choose our favorite shows it’s often because we connect with the message they portray. 
  • I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this show as much as I did if I was happy when I watched it.

Music Credits:  

  • Stardust- Jay Someday
  • Cruising- Vendredi
  • Hope for Tomorrow- Tokyo Music Walker

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In Fictional Feel’s third episode we talk about my favorite show to watch when I’m depressed, Mushishi.

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