Processing the Past Episode 4

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In this episode of Processing the Past we will discuss: 1950s, and what happened.

Segment 1: Music https://www.thepeoplehistory.com/50smusic.html

-Jazz starts to decline in popularity

-Rock n Roll is the new “ thing” and is seen almost everywhere 

-It dominated the 1950s/ Rock n roll did originate from Jazz and many African American artists

-Rock n Roll did resemble teenage rebellion and was really popular for that age range


-Elvis kind of popped out of nowhere but was an instant hit, especially for the ladies

, a black woman blues singer

-Buddy Holly & Jerry Lee Lewis famous Rock musicians

-Buddy Holly’s name also featured in more recent band “Weezer” as a semi-ironic song using his name as the title as well as in the song

Segment 2: Fashion


-A big celebratory end of World War II!!

due to this as well and was an adjustment from such a difficult time

-All types of jackets were pretty popular during this time as many artists like Elvis wore this style on stage

-The brand Dior did have many pieces that were very popular during this era, that highlighted elegance and extravagance

-There were dresses for daywear and nightwear which wasnt always a thing

-I like dior perfumes their bottles are epic and smell pretty good

-And now in certain times and places slacks were acceptable for women to wear, not like before when some were literally jailed for wearing slacks which I will never get. come a long way, and still have more to go but society has improved since the 50s.

Segment 3: Art


-Each decade of art never failed to impress me

-There is one painting that pretty meaningful called “our land” 

-Charles White the painter displays a black woman implied to be a slave holding a pitchfork, 


-Mind you, this was in the 50s, and as a black artist it could have been really difficult to display this without tons of hate and mixed feelings as well as controversy. 

talking about this sort of topic is called “ sharecropper” by Elizabeth Catlett is a black and white stoic-type peice that is very serious but symbolizes slavery and I really admire the artists for doing more meaningful art to share with others.

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