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Episode #10: Agatha All Along

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In this episode of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, I will be discussing: Marvel’s first hit TV show of 2021: Wandavision. This episode will be the first in a mini series where I will talk about each of the TV shows and movies of 2021. 


Wanda dealing with the trauma caused by Vision’s death, and fully embracing who she is. It was great character development for Wanda, and it helped set up Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. The episodes leading up to the finale made Wanda confront her past head on, and it also gave a lot of insight into how Wanda became the Scarlet Witch.

Powerful Scenes:

Agatha’s big reveal and the playing of the iconic song “Agatha All Along”. Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch and seeing her fully embrace her powers. Monica Rambeau getting her powers and looking into her past. Wanda and Vision having to say goodbye once more.


We got to see Wanda get what she finally wanted with Vision; just a chance to settle down and have a normal life, have a family, and leave all the superhero stuff behind. For a while, Wanda was in denial about what was really going on outside the Hex, pushing away everyone who tried to confront her about it, even Vision. He “tries” to help Wanda out by acting normal and not attracting attention to himself by using his powers or acting out of the ordinary. Monica tries to take after her mother, being fearless and trying to help out people in any way she can. She constantly tries to help Wanda, telling her that she’ll help her, if she let’s all the townspeople free.

Overall Enjoyment:

I really enjoyed this show, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first two episodes, I was really confused as to what was going on. But once the plot started to show itself, I was really interested in the plot and figuring out what was really going on.

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In episode 10 of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, I will be discussing: Marvel’s first hit TV show of 2021: Wandavision.

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