Bass, Round 2!

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What’s The Catch?

Bass, Round 2!

Episode #7 

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In this episode of What’s The Catch? We’re gonna be talking about Striped Bass :what they are, where to find them, how to catch them, and why you should want to catch them. 

Segment 1: Species Background

The Striped Fish is a Saltwater Fish found primarily along the th Atlantic Coast of North America. They have sleek bodies and are gray in color. They get their name from the stripes along the sides of their body. Their average length is between 20-35 inches and their weight can range from 5 to 20 pounds

Fun Facts

  • Can survive in salt and freshwater
  • State fish of Maryland, South Carolina, and Rhode Island
  • State Marine fish of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and New Hampshire
  • Largest won ever caught on record weighed 124 pounds in 1896
  • They can live up to thirty years

Segment 2: Where can I find them?

Since they can survive in bothy kinds of waters, you can find them almost anywhere. But they usually are still mostly found in saltwater. Stripers move to shallower waters after dark so going on the beach and fishing would be best at night. So unlike other saltwater fish, it can be caught while on land. Going on Kayak as well is a good way to catch them.

Places near/in Hopewell

  • Delaware River
  • Lake Hopatcong
  • Manasquan Reservoir

Segment 3: How can I catch them?

Rods to use

  • Medium power rod

Best line

  • 30 lb braid
  • 12-15 lb fluorocarbon

Best live bait

  • Worms
  • Cut bait

Best rigs/lures

  • Buck tail jig
  • Popper 
  • Diamond jig
  • Spoon lure

Segment 4: Why should I want to catch them?

I think that striped Bass are absolutely worth your time and you should definitely consider them when picking your next trip for three main reasons. First it that they are strong fish which give great fights when reeling in. they’re not hard to catch, but I wouldn’t say it’s easy. Second, since they can be found in saltwater and freshwater, you probably don’t have to go far to find them. Lastly, they taste so good. Whether you grill it, deep fry it, whatever, the meat tastes awesome. 

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