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Snake Eyes

Episode #8

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In this episode of What’s The Catch? We’re gonna be talking about Snakeheads :what they are, where to find them, how to catch them, and why you should want to catch them. 

Segment 1: Species Background

The Northern snakehead are predatory fish native to Africa and Asia. Their name comes from the fact that their pattern along their bodies resembles one of a snakes. Their head is also very snake-like. They’re an invasive species, being introduced to U.S waters because of people dumping their pet snakehead into a local body of water without knowing they are not native here. Their average length is 33 inches and the average weight is around 15 lbs. 

Fun Facts

  • They can breathe for a little on land because of the sacs above their gills which take in oxygen from the air
  • It can survive out of water up to 4 days
  • They have a big rox of sharp teeth, making it bot possible to golf them by their lips
  • They can “walk” on land

Segment 2: Where can I find them?

With being an invasive species, Snakeheads can be found in Jersey but not as common as other species. Their are still some places that have them. The best places to fin them are under vegetation like lilies, underwater grass, and downed trees/tree logs

Places near/in hopewell

  • Harrisonville Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Mantua creek
  • Salem canal
  • Delaware river

Segment 3: How can I catch them?

Rods to use

  • Medium- light 7 foot spinning rod/ baitcaster

Best line

  • 25 lb test braided line

Best live bait

  • Worms
  • Bluegill cutbait

Best rigs/lures

  • Topwater frogs
  • Poppers
  • Buzzbaits
  • Chatterbaits
  • spinnerbaits

Segment 4: Why should I want to catch them?

Reasons why

  • Good fight, very strong fish
  • Cool looking, looks almost prehistoric 
  • Being invasive, fishing for them and getting them out of U.S. waters helps a lot

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