Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is a poem by Hopewell Valley Central High School senior Mia Vaughn & was published in Panorama, the literary arts magazine.

Heaven on Earth

Grass crawling at my feet
I’m looking for a place to sleep.
Not wanting to repeat
My days on the concrete.
I think the wilderness around me
Will do just fine.
If I lay here all night
I might be able to find,
The earth’s heartbeat
Right next to mine.

Air above me,
Earth below,
And spirit within.
I make a fire to keep me warm
And remember where I’ve been.
Drink some water and go to sleep.
Tomorrow we’ll start again.
Find a new place.
Any place.
Be a nomad now and then.

Just me and the fireflies
And a pack and a tent.
Free to choose
Where I rest my head
And free to choose where I tread.
No rushing,
Just dancing
Around the fire pit.
Stars just shining
So bright they won’t quit.

Can’t stay too long in one place
There’s too many beautiful places to see
It’s not just dreams that I chase,
But also the butterflies and the bees.
Sleeping in the trees
Is what I am to do
Feel a gentle breeze
Dream the whole night through.

Maybe someday I’ll settle down
Find a cottage
In a quaint little town.
But for now,
I seek adventure
And nights under the stars.
I truly want to venture
And take what is ours.
But also give back to the earth
With stories to tell
Show everyone it’s worth,
Heaven, not hell.

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