An Autumn Feast

An Autumn Feast

An Autumn Feast is a poem by Hopewell Valley Central High School senior Sonya Mykytyn & was published in Panorama, the literary arts magazine.

An Autumn Feast

Candles flicker within windows,
Glistening behind panes.
Pumpkins sprawl on decks and porches,
Covered by icy rains.

Smells of turkey in the oven,
Fires burning, warm, bright,
Champagne popping in the distance;
Dinner. By candlelight.

Pleasant laughter in the kitchen.
Kids devour pumpkin pie.
Cheers from football in the basement,
Sometimes, a muffled cry.
Food is gathered into boxes.
Dishes are gently scrubbed.
Napkins thrown into the laundry.
People are fondly hugged.

Farewells are said to last a while,
Doors are closed, locked, for now.
Smiles fading joyous faces.
Goodbye, to this small town.

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