To the Stars I’ve Wished Upon

To the Stars I've Wished Upon

To the Stars I’ve Wished Upon is a poem by Hopewell Valley Central High School junior Edison Hicks & was published in Panorama, the literary arts magazine.

To the Stars I’ve Wished Upon

To the stars that are listening to me,
Who hear more than a plea, more than a wish,
Tell me you’re out there.
Tell me that everything will be okay.
Let me know if I’m wrong or if I’m making assumptions.
It’s the least you could do.

Tell me that he’s waiting, that my perfect one is patient.
Tell me that I’m not the villain, that it’s just a beautiful coincidence tearing me apart.
Tell me that he loves me, even if it’s not the same as how I feel.
Tell me something comforting for once in my life.

I know that his attention made me want him even more,
And I know that the hope I felt only made me crash harder,
But I feel like I might be out of time soon.
If I only have a year left, then let it be the best year of my life.
Happiness isn’t a guarantee, that much I know.

Let my hopes and wishes be realized. Let me be happy and shameless.
Let me be with someone who wants me. Let my art be appreciated and respected.
Let me know as many people as I can. Let me be remembered and loved.
If you, the stars who know and hear all, can’t do that for me, then I have no choice.
Who needs you anyway?

I won’t rely on a flimsy hope to get what I want.
If I feel like I deserve this, I should work for it.
Aspirations don’t arrive on a silver platter,
Even if I want them to.
Most days I barely leave my room before noon.

To the stars I’ve wished upon,
I’m sorry for being your most frequent visitor.
I’ll give you some time alone; it’s what I need, too.
I hope someone else can get their wish.
Just let me get mine on my own time,

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