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The Photography Club is a Hopewell Valley Central High School student-run photography blog that provides students with an digital medium to publish their photos! The Photography Club is supported by teacher Ms. Carolyn McGrath. 

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Photography Club

Perspective by Payton Tuorto

I have a area of woods in my neighborhood so I thought there would be some great photo opps in there. On the path into the woods there was a tree that had fallen across, and I noticed there was some fungus and mushrooms growing so I snapped some pictures.

Photography Club

Admiration of Nature by Mimi Perez

I took this photo in the mountains of the Pennsylvania Amish countryside. Using my prism, I created a rainbow effect in the corner, making the illusion that it came from the sun and sky. I hoped to portray my friend appreciating nature’s surroundings, with her placed in the woods, with flowers incorporated too and the rainbow shining on her.

Photography Club

Architectural Unity by Kyla Machinga

I took this photo in Frankfurt, Germany along with many other photos of architecture. In this specific photo, I thought the contrast in the color of the building against the sky was very interesting, especially because orange and blue are complimentary.

Photography Club

Apollo with the Cherubs by Tatiana Correa

I saw this at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As someone who is a big fan of drawing and viewing old art this painting was really breathtaking to me. It was painted on the ceiling of a Victorian styled room. It was truly a sight to behold.

Photography Club

Fall Trees by Neha Taneja

My photo was taken in my neighborhood. I love how trees look in the fall because the color of the leaves are always pretty. The trees in my neighborhood represented that, so I wanted to take a photo of it.

Winter Trees

Winter Trees by Adriana Xec-Gonzalez

I took this picture at the Hopewell Borough Park. I took some pictures of the trees while I was walking though the trail.

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