Is Gabi’s Age an Excuse for Her Actions?

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Show Name:  Attack on Opinion

Episode Title:  Is Gabi’s Age an Excuse for Her Actions? 

Segment 1: Context of the Anime

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series set in a world where humanity is forced to live in cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids called Titans. The story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after they bring about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother. 

  • Marleyan vs Eldian beef
  • Introducing characters (i.e. Sasha and Gabi)
  • Gabi’s background
  • Marleyan
  • 12 years old
  • Hates Eldians
  • Sasha’s background
  • Eldian
  • Scout
  • Well liked, fan favorite
  • Comedic, friendly to others
  • Talk about how Sasha  died
  • Killed by Gabi

Segment 2:  Introducing the controversy behind Gabi’s actions, audience opinions

  • Gabi snuck onto the Scout’s airship and shot Sasha 
  • Gabi hates Eldians and shot her because she was a troop 
  • Was proud for killing Sasha
  • Wanted to avenge her family who are Marleyans
  • Some people think Gabi’s actions are justified because she is a child and was raised to hate Eldians and she wanted to avenge her family and home country
  • Others highly dislike Gabi because she killed Sasha when Sasha didn’t do anything to her and because she is a rude, annoying brat with anger issues

Segment 3:  Our opinions

  • Jenny: Gabi’s age does excuse her actions
  • Avenging family and country
  • The eldyians are sort of doing the same thing
  • Being in battle is essentially  her whole life and meaning
  • Child, doesn’t know better
  • Amy: Gabi’s age does not excuse her actions 
  • Sasha didn’t do anything
  • Gabi’s beliefs aren’t even really true 
  • She’s so annoying
  • Killing people is not cool

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In this episode, we reflect on Attack on Titan. More specifically, Is Gabi’s Age an Excuse for Her Actions?

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