COMPOSER’S CORNER: Three Composers, One Song

3 composers 1 song

COMPOSER’S CORNER: Three Composers, One Song

Today’s episode is a Composer’s Corner where three different composers from three different musical backgrounds will write a song together, and give an inside look at the creative process of collaborating musicians.

Segment 1: Brad: Mixing and Melodic Composition 

Three Different Elements of the Chord Progression, Violin/Strings, Arpeggio, Sawtooth Synth.

Also touches on the synth lead in the chorus

Key elements, Bit Reduction, Redux Plugin on Ableton, talks about how it makes the synth smoother with Redux.

Talks about the Key Change

Mixing of Vocals, modulation, small detuning for dramatic effect

Mastering Process

Segment 2: Brayden: Drums/Percussion and FX

Indie Drums

4/4 meter

Addition of percussion, shakers, reverb

FX on the beginning and end, Bitcrusher

Addition of small synth keys

Segment 3: David: Vocals and Arrangement

Personal anecdotes, why they liked collaborating, learning about different genres, and expanding their range

Choral Vocals, layered, ambient, blending

Emotional content of the song, melancholic, relatability

Concept of the vocals working WITH the instrumental, not on top of it, more complex

Breakdown of a harmony from the song

Playing single parts of the harmony, and then playing them all together 

Construction of an A#6 chord on the starting notes of each track

Use of Diminished 4th


Segment 4: The composition 

Just playing the composition 


Original Composition, this is the source material

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