Making ‘Space’

Intro to Topic

In this episode, Mrs. Migs and I will be talking about representation in the world of science and why it matters so much that young people see people like them doing awesome things like go to space. We will also be talking about Nergis Mavalvala and Jane Rigby

Segment 1: 

One of CHS’ very own teachers, Mrs. Migs, will be joining us for a conversation about inclusivity in the world of science and why representation matters so much and how it can change a person’s life.

Segment 2:

We’ll be talking about our First two astronomers, Frank Kameney and Sally Ride, and their contributions to inclusivity and representation in the world of astronomy.

Segment 3:

We’ll also be talking about the intersections of being an astronomer who is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Music Credits:

Moons– Patrick Patrikios


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