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The art of building championships 

The Process 

Episode #1

You are listening to The art of building championship the podcast with your host Ethan Peck.

In this episode of Art of building championships the Podcast we discuss: The phileadapha 76ers, and how they wern’t able to complete a rebuild and where the went wrong.

Segment 1: The start of the rebuild 

I want to look at all of the draft pick the 76ers went though. As i want to see how different pick couldve changed the whole situation The sixers whole rebuild was about having high draft pick in hopes on getting multiple star players, This didn’t really end up in Philly’s favor 

Segment 2:  Where they went wrong 

What they couldve have done to change things, were trade went wrong and most importantly where the draft went wrong A few of the top of my head would be Markelle Fultz and tradin Mikal bridges on draft night. If these picks had been diffrent the sixers would be in a much better spot.

Segment 3: What they can do make it better

What they can do to dig themselves out of that hole they are currently in. The 76ers need to trade James Harden and move on. They need delvop maxey and have Joel Embiid hold the team down If they are able to get somthing for him they might be able to make some nose at the trade deadline 

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In this episode of Art of building championships the Podcast we discuss: The Philly 76ers, and how they weren’t able to complete a rebuild.

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