A Day In The Life of A Tennis Player


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Episode Title: A Day In The Life Of A Tennis Player

Episode #9

You are listening to Top 3 Network the podcast with your host Logan and co-hosts Luke and Danyal.

In this episode of Top 3 Network the Podcast we will be sharing a story about a day in the life of a tennis player.

Segment 1: Introduction

In our final episode of the podcast, we are talking about something a little bit different. Instead of Luke and Danyal ranking their top 3 of something, they will narrate a story about tennis star, Roger Federer. And this is our third episode on tennis 

Segment 2: Story Of A Tennis Player Going To A Finals Game (Roger Federer)

Logan: Alright Luke and Danyal, lets hear your narration of a made up story about a day in the life of Roger Federer.

Danyal starts off the story by talking about going to the wimbledon courts final when something scary happens: As Roger enters the dimly lit corridors of Wimbledon [sound effect], an eerie silence enveloped the usually erupting stadium. All of the audience are creepily staring at him. Strange shadows danced along the walls, and the player felt an inexplicable weird sensation in the air. With each step, the echoes of phantom footsteps seemed to follow, creating an unsettling feeling.[sound effect]As he approached Center Court, the lights flickered ominously, casting haunting shadows on the grass. The player’s heart raced as the anticipation of the final transformed into a spine-chilling encounter with the unknown

Luke continues the story by talking about Roger Federer’s reactions to this: In a random moment of nervous laughter, Roger decides to break the eerie silence. He comes up with an intelligent theory.[sound effect] “What if,” he said aloud, “the ghostly presence haunting Wimbledon is just a retired tennis ball collector upset about the missed shots?” As the words left his lips, a soft chuckle echoed through the corridors. Suddenly, the lights steadied, and the once ominous shadows seemed to retreat. Federer, amused by his own playful twist, continued towards Center Court, now with a newfound sense of confidence. 

Danyal continues again: Little did he know, their impromptu joke had unwittingly appeased the spirit of the disgruntled ball collector. As the master, Roger Federer, stepped onto the court, the ghostly laughter faded, leaving behind an atmosphere of amusement rather than fear. The Wimbledon final proceeded as he faces his opponent Novak Djokovic under the watchful eye of a spectral tennis aficionado, who was not really haunting but rather enjoying the game from the other side. And so, Federer won in 5 crazy sets. The ball collector had suddenly disappeared and as Federer held the trophy, he realized that this was all in his head because he was so nervous about the match. The aficionado didn’t even exist! Federer happily takes home the trophy and even though it felt really mysterious, Federer realizes that the fear in his head was worth it as he got the wealthy, gold trophy that he will cherish forever.

Segment 3: Conclusion

Logan: Alright Luke and Danyal, that was a great story and I was really intrigued about what was happening. I was very spooked about the situation Roger Federer was placed into. That story actually sounded kinda real. 

Danyal: What was your favorite part of the story Logan?

Logan: Haha well I didn’t really see the twist coming. But, like I know you guys love tennis and Roger Federer a lot. Do tennis players really get this nervous before like a match?

Danyal: Well this was a grand slam final, so it is different. But, like obviously no, we don’t see illusions unless we are not fully mentally okay.

For the last couple months we have enjoyed making this podcast and we just wanted to thank anyone and everyone for listening to all our episodes and for tuning in and listening to us give our opinion on baseball and tennis.


Danyal: Good Morning

Logan: Good Evening

Luke: Good Night

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In this episode we discuss a story of tennis star, Roger Federer, and what he experienced in this moment.

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