Portland’s Rebuild

portlands rebuild

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In this episode of the Art of Building Championship Podcast, we discuss The Portland trailblazers and their rebuild.

Segment 1: A fresh start

The Portland Blazers this offseason decided it was their time to start their rebuild by getting the second overall pick and trading away their best player Damien Lillard for Jrue holiday and picks. The Blazers then proceeded to trade away Holiday to the Celtics for Malcokm Brodgan Robert WIlliams and future picks.

Segment 2: The draft.

The Blazers with the #2 overall pick decided to select Scoot Henderson of ou the G league Ignite. Henderson has not been everything Portland has expected to start the season as he is struggling greatly from the 3-point line. The Blazers hope that this is just rookie slums as Henderson has shown some potential, but it hasn’t looked great. The Blazers also hope that thier young guards Simmons and Sharp can take another step moving forward becoming all starts in the future.

Segment 3: The final touches on their rebuild

The Blazers also decided that they wanted more size and they traded away their center Nurkic for Deandre Ayton to try to get younger and maybe give the 1 option to Ayton to see what he is made of or for future trade value The Blazers are now I a great spot for a rebuild they have all of their pieces they need to get trade pieces when their young players start to shine.

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In this episode we will talk about the Portland Trailblazers and their slow start to their new rebuild.

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