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Show Name: The Art of Building Championships

Episode Title: Lakers Legacy 

Episode #7

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In this episode of the Art of Building Championship Podcast, we discuss The Los Angeles Lakers and their legacy.

Segment 1: All-Time Great Lakers

The Lakers Are one of if not the best franchises in NBA history they are always able to get some of the greatest players ever on thier rosters. This makes the LAkers always a very interesting team to watch. With a lot of young and old watching now some consider the goat, Lebron James. They have also had some of the best players ever in Kareem Shaq and Kobe Byrant. 

Segment 2: The Most Championships

The Lakers are also tied for the most championships of all time. Some of this success has to come from the high market and general management. As the general manager of the Lakers, your job is to bring in big names to the city of Los Angeles.

Segment 3: Caring Legacy 

The Lakers will always be one of the best teams in the NBA as players will want to carry the legacy. People want to join the Lakers for all the great history, and the great players want to carry the legacy of the former great players who used to wear gold and purple.

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In this episode I talked about the LOS Angeles Lakers and their all time great teams and players.

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