The Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network  is the podcasting component of the Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network.  All podcasts are created, produced, and published by students at Hopewell Valley Central High School with the support of teachers.


My Ap Bio Thoughts Podcast

My AP Biology Thoughts

My AP Biology Thoughts Podcast is a student-run podcast that is used as a way for students to review AP Biology content any time from anywhere.  While the AP Biology curriculum is considered, this podcast is to be used as a resource.  Please note that this podcast is not endorsed or affiliated with College Board.

GPS Website Icon

Global Public Service

The Global Public Service (GPS) Podcast is a student-run podcast and an upper-level humanities course at Hopewell Valley Central High School.  At the end of each semester, students must complete passion projects.  Some of the students elected to complete podcasts on their topic.

A Day in the Office

A Day in the office

A Day in The Office is a student-run podcast that takes a deeper look into episodes of a comedic mockumentary, The Office. Join Samaira Sachdeva, the host, as she discusses her personal connections to the show and breaks down each episode.

Chemistry Connections Podcast Logo

Chemistry Connections

The Chemistry Connections Podcast is a student-run podcast that examines the chemistry behind real-world topics that interest Mr. Johnson's AP Chemistry students. Students talk about an array of topics such as food, art, history, medicine, and much much more.

Speaking for the Silenced

Speaking for the silenced

The Speaking for the Silenced Podcast is a student-run podcast that examines the world-wide issue of human trafficking. Join podcast host, Jacqueline Sun, as she breaks down many examples human trafficking including forced labor, bride trafficking, and more.

Find Your Kind

Find Your kind

The Find Your Kind podcast is a student-run podcast that aims to prove to its listeners that kindness doesn’t have to be thought of as a “random act”. Instead, it can be a collective mindset that you can use every day. Join podcast host, Delaney Janks, as she discusses the ways young individuals can bring kindness towards their communities. 



Bi-Sportual is a studen ran podcast that tells the careers of athletes that have played multiple sports on a professional level. Join host, Tommy Vanover as he explains the career of these amazing athletes.

Revengers Friends From Work

Revengers... Friends From Work

Join podcast host Christina Zelin as she dives into the thrilling and emotional world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll look into the movies and TV shows throughout the saga, and what makes Marvel the best superhero universe out there.

Remember When the Podcast

Remember When...? The Podcast

Remember When…? is a student-run podcast that discusses the childhood of Generation Z (early 2010s). Join your hosts, Regina Franco and Sofia Zangrilli, as they reminisce on all the trends and aspects of their experiences growing up together. 

The Sun, Moon, and You

The sun, moon, and you

The Sun, Moon, and You is a student-run podcast that dives into the world of zodiacs. Join Erin Popik, the host, as she breaks down and gives brief descriptions of each zodiac sign! 

All About Business

all about business

All About Business is a podcast that talks about some of the most popular and successful industries/markets in the world. Join podcast host, Prithvi Mohapatra, as he discusses how different industries/markets work, why they are so successful, and how to make money in them. 

What if Anime

What if....anime

What if Anime is a student-run podcast that dives into the world of anime and changes one part of the show to see how it would affect the entirety of the plot. Join hosts, Eli Miller and Ben Thompson as they discuss the different theories behind some of the most popular animes. 

Fictional Feels

Fictional Feels

Fictional Feels is a student-run podcast that gets into the connections we make with characters and shows, specifically in anime. We dive into the mind of the host, Tatianna, as she tries her best to explain her many “unhealthy” (¬‿¬) <3 connections to characters, scenes, and shows as a whole.

Interesting World of Sports

Interesting world of sports

The Interesting World of Sports is a student run podcast that covers all corners of the sports world. No matter how big of a sports fan you are, by the time you finish listening, I guarantee you will have learned something new! Follow your host Dylan Yasher and Connor Batcha as they dive into the Interesting World of Sports.

Japan's Masterpiece

Japan's masterpiece

Japan’s Masterpiece is a podcast that dives into the wonderful world of anime. We look at many different aspects of anime such as different genres, characters, character abilities, anime openings and food within anime realms.



Coming soon!

Recent Podcast Episodes

episode 127

Birds of Paradise Mating Rituals

In episode 126, we will be discussing Birds of Paradise Mating Rituals and how it relates to the AP Biology Curriculum.

episode 126

Chimps in Uganda

In episode 125, we will be discussing Chimps and how they relate to the AP Biology Curriculum.

episode 125v

Isle Royale Predator and Prey Relationships

In episode 128, we will be discussing the Isle Royale Study and how it relates to the AP Biology Curriculum.


Album Review – Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All

Episode 18 of our Rhapsody Podcast is an album review, where I’ll be reviewing Metallica’s first album, Kill ‘Em All.


Deep Dive: Compromising with Depression: Lemon Boy by Cavetown

Today’s episode is a deep dive on Lemon Boy, by Cavetown, and will discuss how Cavetown uses this song to make a commentary on mental health issues.

Former Happiness

Composer’s Corner: Former Happiness: Mood Explained By Music Theory

Today’s episode is a Composer’s Corner and will focus on the theme of my piece, Former Happiness.



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Winter Trees

Winter Trees by Adriana Xec-Gonzalez

04 February 2021

I took this picture at the Hopewell Borough Park. I took some pictures of the trees while I was walking though the trail.

Photography Club

Colonnade by Megan MacDonald

28 January 2021

I took this photo of this Colonnade at the Princeton Battlefield. It was a cloudy day but I caught this when the sun broke through.

Photography Club

Cold Snap by Leo Huang

28 January 2021

It was really quiet on a Saturday morning and I was walking back from someone’s house a couple of years ago. It had snowed through the early morning and no one had shoveled the streets yet. I wanted to capture something that was a reminder to the endless view of white.

Photography Club

Starlite by Gianluca Procaccini

28 January 2021

Taken in Miami, Fl. I wanted to experiment with different color lights and see how they would interact with each other.

Photography Club

Thistles by Sari Pehnke

28 January 2021

This photo was taken at St. Michael’s Farm Preserve in Hopewell- I was experimenting with an old Helios lens and loved the bokeh effect it gave to the images.

Photography Club

The Quiet by Nicole Bartnikowski

28 January 2021

During quarantine, I started focusing on self-portraits. For this photo specifically, I decided to work with glitter and different light situations.

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