Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Episode Title: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Episode #4

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In this episode of What’s The Catch? We’re gonna be talking about the Rainbow Trout:what they are, where to find them, how to catch them, and why you should want to catch them. 

Segment 1: Species Background

The Rainbow Trout is a freshwater fish native to North America. They get their name because of the beautiful coloration on the sides of their body. They also are a part of the same family as salmon. These guys average length is around 20-30 inches and weigh between 8 pounds. The average lifespan is around 3-4 years.

Fun Facts

  • Biggest Rainbow trout ever caught: 48 lbs caught by Sean Konrad on September 5th,2009
  • They always end up returning to their birth place
  • They can lay thousands of eggs at one time
  • There are fifteen subspecies of rainbow trout

Segment 2: Where can I find them?

Historically, Rainbow Trout have lived in rivers in lakes west of the Rocky Mountains, most densely populated in the Pacific Northwest area of the country. However, thanks to Trout being a very popular fish for farming, they’ve been able to spread to pretty much the whole country by stocking local lakes, rivers, and streams.

Places near/in Hopewell

  • Stony Brook Creek, Pennington: Rosedale park
  • Aqueduct next to the Delaware river, Titusville
  • Molders fishing preserve, Monroe Township
  • Musky Trout Hatchery, Asbury

Segment 3: How can I catch them?

Rods to use

  • Spinning rod
  • Fly fishing rod
  • Ice fishing rod if ice fishing

Best line

  • 4 lb test line
  • Monofilament or fluorocarbon

Best live bait

  • Worms
  • Crawfish
  • Crickets or grasshoppers
  • Bread
  • Corn
  • Salmon eggs
  • Trout nuggets

Best lures

  • Rooster tails
  • Fly jigs
  • Jig and grub tail
  • Spoon lure
  • Jerkbait

Segment 4: Why should I want to catch them?

These guys are totally worth your time for several reasons. they’re super fun to catch. They put up enough fight to make catching them a challenge which makes you wanna keep coming back and trying again. They are some of the prettiest looking freshwater fish. Not every fish has the same reputation of being admired for their looks. Also where you find them can bring you to see beautiful places all over the country. In addition, they taste really good when you cook them. I personally would recommend using some cajun spice on some trout filets.

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